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  • Why Career Counselling Matters For Students’ Success?

Are you a high school student with large aspirations but unsure of what to do ahead? Well, in a swiftly changing global landscape, planning your future may seem a little confusing at times. Traditional careers are gradually becoming obsolete or being replaced by technologies like artificial intelligence. Parallelly, with emerging tech, new careers are now at the forefront.

The world of careers is more dynamic than ever before and will evolve even faster in the future.  With so many question marks around careers and the future, career counseling offers logical answers. Here I must clarify, when I say career counselling, I refer to counseling from professional experts. In India, everyone feels entitled to offer career guidance to their peers, relatives or children.

However, this career guidance coming from people with no professional career counseling experience is driven by only perception. However, professional career counseling is driven by research, logic and an extensive understanding of evolving global scenarios. Moreover, expert career guidance is in the direction of a student’s unique strengths and passions.

This blog sheds light on the advantages of career counseling and how these merits together can shape a child’s future. This blog explains in detail why expert career counseling is essential for every student. Besides, career counseling in this blog is discussed from the perspective of both overseas and domestic higher education. 

Merits of Professional Career Counselling

  1. Expert Career Counselors Provide The Right Information

If we delve deep into the world of careers and career paths, there is enormous information to go through. The volume of this information is so massive that it often becomes bewildering for students and parents to make sense of things. Moreover, differentiating between credible and untrustworthy knowledge in the age of easy information can be very difficult. 

In such situations, career counselors offer appropriate and only the necessary information that parents or students need. For instance, if the student wants to pursue law after high school, career counselors will only provide relevant information.

They will discuss the prospects in law, the career path to becoming a lawyer and how can a student excel in it. Also, a counselor will know if the student can pursue a degree in law with the present subject combination at school or not.

Let’s give this example another dimension. Let’s say the student wants to pursue law at Oxford University in the UK. Now the dynamics become very different. The counselor will then guide the student in terms of the criteria and entrance exams to study law at Oxford. Besides, the career counselor will guide the student in profile building to get into a top-tier university like Oxford. 

Most importantly, this information is highly reliable coming from the virtue of professional expertise.  A career counselor will rather rescue you from being trapped in misinformation from other sources. Consequently, the decision you make for your or your ward’s career will be well informed.

  1. Career Counsellors Help Students Realize Their Abilities & Interests 

What if a student who aspires to become a doctor does not have the prerequisite abilities and aptitude? What if parents want their ward to be an engineer but the ward is neither interested nor has the ability? 

Often students’ career ambitions or plans are not aligned with their abilities, aptitudes or interests. It is also not uncommon to see people regret their career choices later. Many people simply base their career choices on peer pressure or someone else’s success story. 

However, it makes complete sense that students pursue careers that are either aligned with their abilities or interests. When students do that they are more likely to excel and thrive in competitive environments. 

We must realize that the idea of sustaining careers is becoming more competitive with each passing day. Amid such intense competition, a student who does not have the right aptitude or ability for a specific career will be shunted out soon. 

Having said that, how do you ensure that your career vision corresponds to your innate abilities and aptitude? Yet again, the answer is career counselling. Professional career counselors use tools like psychometric examination to help students assess their potential. 

A reliable psychometric exam offers a reliable measure of an individual’s abilities, aptitude, interests and personality. More importantly, a psychometric evaluation report presented by a counselor recommends relevant stream or career options.

In this way, consulting a career counselor ensures there is nothing to regret later. Career counseling is your means to gaining complete clarity in your career goals. Students must choose careers in which they can excel from the virtue of their true abilities and aptitude.

Moreover, there are so many unconventional careers that are emerging on the global scene. 

If students’ abilities or interests are suited to unconventional careers like blogging or graphic designing, parents should back them up. Gone are the days when only engineering, medicine or accounting were means to career success.

Ultimately, to put everything into perspective in the best interest of your future, you need professional counselling expertise. From the identification of true potential and interests to creating personalized career blueprints, career counselors facilitate the entire spectrum. In the entire process, personalization remains at the heart of everything.

  1. Career Counsellors Help In Profile Building & Personal Branding 

I did mention profile building concisely above but in contemporary education, we must talk about it at a glance. A good career counselor will not just tell you about academics, career paths and entrance tests.

A sincere career counselor will also emphasize the significance of holistic development for students nowadays. Irrespective of whether a student wants to go overseas or stay in India, the student must develop a well-rounded personality. Diligent investment in skill-building and worthwhile exposure have become indispensable for students’ success. 

From university admissions to selection for employment, individuals are assessed from the lens of holistic development. When admission officers or recruiters evaluate individuals, they look for genuine leadership, problem solving, analytical and communication skills. 

Firstly, a good career counselor will tell you the importance of skill development and holistic learning. Going further, the counselor will guide you through the entire process of profile building streamlined to your career ambition.

They will help you identify opportunities for holistic learning and will mentor you on the same. I can’t speak for other career counselors but this is how career counselling takes place at Silver Fern Education Consultants. 

Moreover, career counselors also assist students in building personal brands. Personal branding is one of the key dimensions of holistic development and personality development.

A personal brand can be built on Instagram, LinkedIn, a blogging website et cetera. LinkedIn in particular is essential for students to give an impression of sincerity towards their academic and career goals. 

To conclude, professional career counselling holds the key to academic success and career development. For young learners with big dreams, career counselling bridges the gap between aspirations and achievement. Career counselling has rather become a part of modern lifestyles so that students have the right information and career guidance to excel.