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It’s amusing how innumerable international students migrate each year to study in Canada. It will blow your mind when you learn about the actual number of international students moving to Canada. 

As per IRCC, in 2023, Canada received more than 900,000 international student applications. In fact, IRCC forecasts that the number of yearly international student applications will reach 1.4 million by 2027.  

These mammoth numbers convey a fascinating tale of the craze among international students to study in Canada. Students from all kinds of academic backgrounds and with all kinds of academic ambitions are prioritizing Canada. 

In fact, the larger share of international students’ influx in Canada is from Asian countries. The question is, what makes Canada a top priority for international students? 

Decoding the Craze To Study in Canada

view of toronto city in canada

As per an article, the number of applications for Canadian study permits has increased by 300,000 per year. So, the trend of applying to Canadian universities and colleges among international students is only getting bigger. It seems to be a precedent for the next 10 years at least. The global aspiration to study in Canada is becoming larger each day for sure. 

One of the key reasons explaining the surge is the forward-looking and pragmatic education system of Canada. Canada offers a wide range of Study Abroad Programs offering better prospects for employment. From engineering to psychology, the scope in Canada is any day better than in India. 

Secondly, Canada is home to some of the most eminent global universities. The University of Waterloo, McMaster University, University of British Columbia and Windsor University are only to name a few. For any international student, it is a matter of sheer pride to pursue higher education in any of these institutions. 

Studying at UBC or the University of Waterloo is almost like a guarantee of career success all across the world. Do you wish to study at one of the top Canadian universities too? Are you serious enough about this ambition? Do you know about the top universities to apply to to study in Canada? We at Silver Fern Education Consultants are there to guide you at every step. 

To begin with, in this blog, we tell you about the top 10 universities in Canada as per 2024 rankings. These rankings of top-ranked universities in Canada are as per the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024.

Top 10 List: Best Universities to Study in Canada

1.) University of Toronto 

study in canada in University of Toronto

For sure, Toronto is the city where everyone wants to be! It is a city known for its liveliness, multicultural environment and of course, the University of Toronto. The University of Toronto is the most prestigious and premier university in Canada and the hardest to get to. 

The University of Toronto finds itself in the 21st spot in the world university rankings. With a 21 percent international student population, the university is the top choice for ambitious international students. Further, the university offers more than 700 undergraduate programs and around 200 postgraduate programs. 

The University of Toronto has the most inclusive study abroad programs. If you aspire to study in Canada with a worthwhile future vision, this university must be on your list. However, to make it to the University of Toronto, you have to be at your absolute best! 

2.) University of British Columbia 

University of British Columbia campus photo

University of British Columbia, better known as UBC is a name that needs no introduction. UBC is a globally renowned brand when it comes to the most prestigious universities worldwide. Located in the beautiful city of Vancouver, the university is ranked 41st in global rankings by Times Higher Education. 

UBC’s programs in social sciences, business & economics and life sciences are ranked among the best in the world. Besides, the university is popular for its research-centric environment and research quality. 

Also, you will be happy to know that UBC boasts a massive international student population. To be precise, international students constitute 34 percent of the total student population at UBC. 

Further, UBC is one of the oldest educational institutions in Canada and has two campuses. While one campus is in Point Grey which is 30 minutes away from Downtown Vancouver, the other campus is in Kelowna. Lastly, if you wish to study in Canada, it is important to know that UBC is also quite generous with study-abroad scholarships. 

3.) McGill University 

McGill University campus

Following UBC on the list is McGill University sitting at the 49th spot in Times Higher Education Rankings. McGill University is located in Montreal, a lively city in the Quebec province. 

Let’s draw your attention to some key highlights about McGill University. For the last 15 years, McGill University has been consistently ranked the best research university in Canada. For 12-plus years, it has been the best Canadian university in terms of study abroad scholarships. 

The university is known to offer the highest prospects for international scholarships and bursaries. These insights are consistent with Macleans’ rankings and not mere assumptions. 

McGill offers a wide range of academic programs ranging from computer sciences, engineering, law and social sciences to psychology. Students from more than 150 countries study at McGill making it one of the most multicultural universities in Canada. 

4.) McMaster University 

McMaster University campus

If your study in Canada plans are hellbent on Ontario, McMaster is another top university to aim for. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, McMaster University has a proud legacy of decades of excellence in research. With respect to the Times Higher Education rankings 2024, McMaster is ranked 103rd. Moreover, it is ranked 33rd in terms of impact. 

McMaster University is known to have one of the top med schools in Canada. So, if you plan to study in Canada to become a doctor, McMaster must be a top priority. Besides medical, McMaster University is also popular for its engineering, business and social sciences programs. 

McMaster embraces Diversity & Inclusion and has students and faculty from all over the world. So, as an international student, you would not feel overwhelmed by cultural shock at McMaster. However, the bottom line is that the entry requirements are going to be typical on any given day. 

5.) University of Alberta 

University of Alberta campus

If you are looking for a premium and affordable university to study in Canada, the University of Alberta it is. Located in Edmonton, the University of Alberta is far from the bustling cities in GTA and hence, far more peaceful.
However, peace in itself may not be a good enough reason to choose a university. So, let us talk about rankings and academics! 

The University of Alberta is ranked 109th in the global rankings by Times Higher Education. It is one of the oldest public research universities in Canada.
Further, the University of Alberta is one of the best Canadian institutions for engineering, clinical and health programs. 

Moreover, the university also has international student scholarships and co-op programs to offer. Even if we leave scholarships aside, the university is quite affordable relative to the excellence in academics offered. If you are not very rigid about GTA or Ontario, the University of Alberta is a true value for money institution. 

6.) Univérsite De Montréal 

The academic legacy of this university is as fancy as its name! Univérsite De Montréal is one of the leading research universities in Canada. It is amusing to know that the university receives around 700 million dollars in funding for research per annum. Having said that, Univérsite De Montréal is among the top five research universities in the country. 

The university ranks high for its business & economics, arts, clinical and pre-clinical programs. In arts and humanities, the university offers worthwhile courses in linguistics, archaeology, philosophy, Theology and so on. 

The University is ranked 111th in the global university rankings and is located in the homogenous city of Montreal, Quebec. 

7.) University of Waterloo 

University of Waterloo campus

It would have been quite surprising if the University of Waterloo was not on the list! The University of Waterloo is a highly popular and eminent university known for its extraordinary education and entry requirements. 

It is ranked 158th on the global list of universities and is one of the best universities for engineering and technology programs. In addition to that, the university is also known for its physical sciences programs including astronomy. 

The multicultural environment of Ontario makes the university even more welcoming for international students. Speaking of international students at the university, they comprise 21 percent of the overall student population. However, it is one of the toughest universities to get into to study in Canada given its entry requirements. 

8.) University of Ottawa 

The University of Ottawa is ranked 177th on the Times Higher Education list. Here’s a fun fact! Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and not Toronto as many tend to think.
Having said that, what is better than studying in the capital city of Canada? In the capital city, you will have access to all the opportunities in the world! 

The University of Ottawa offers programs in computer science, law, engineering, life sciences, arts and psychology. The university is fifth in Canada in terms of research intensity and seventh in terms of growth of research income.

These insights speak for the university’s legacy as a research-intensive institution. Lastly, the University of Ottawa is also one of the best in Canada when it comes to medical schools. 

9. University of Calgary 

university of Calgary campus

The University of Calgary is on the list of top 250 universities on the global rankings. This makes it the second most premium university in Alberta after the University of Alberta.

The university is extensively diverse as it extends education to international students from more than 120 nations. Further, the University of Calgary offers more than 250 programs across different levels of education.  

Students are likely to get a large number of research opportunities as the university supports a conducive research environment. To add, the university offers a broad spectrum of specializations in engineering, social sciences, life sciences and physical sciences. All in all, this is one of the best universities to study in Canada. 

10.) Western University 

Located in London, Ontario, Western University is last on our list of top 10 universities in Canada. With international students comprising 24 percent of the student population, it is for sure a multicultural institution.

For undergraduate students, the university offers around 400 personalized combinations of majors and minors.

Moreover, for postgraduate students, the university has more than 160 doctoral and master’s programs. In fact, The Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry is among the most prestigious medical schools in Canada. The university boasts a modern research infrastructure committed to making an evident impact. 

So, with this we conclude our list of top universities to study in Canada. We are sure this list was of great help and will assist you in making meaningful decisions. If you need any assistance besides that, Silver Fern Education Consultants is there for you round the clock. 

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