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India’s diplomatic and political relations with the UK are blossoming like a love affair. Both countries are deepening their strategic partnership across all spheres. This also implies that students from India have much to look forward to if they aspire to Study in the UK.
Moreover, there seems to be a paradigm shift in preference from North America to the UK. 

Above all, the UK has world-class institutions that represent centuries of legacy in academic excellence.  Most of the top-ranked universities in the UK fall under the prestigious Russel Group. These universities are at par with the IVY League Universities in the US and the top Universities in Canada.
From the most dynamic business programs for international students to psychology courses, UK universities offer massive value.

The four countries that together form the United Kingdom are all known for their world-class education systems. Not only England but Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland too have globally acclaimed institutions of excellence.  

Study in UK

All in all, if you plan to study in UK, this might be the most favorable time ever to plan for it. Speaking of why the United Kingdom should be a preferred study abroad destination, the reasons are listed next. 

Studying in the UK: Know The Advantages 

The benefits of studying abroad are plenty and worthwhile for sure! Speaking studying in the UK, the similarity between India’s and the UK’s education systems strikes the first. To explain, just like in India, the UK also has three-year bachelor’s degrees, unlike North America.

Having said that, undergraduate students save the effort and tuition fees for an entire year in comparison to Canada and the US. 

Furthermore, most master’s programs in the UK are for a tenure of one year. Having said that, even postgraduate students have an advantage to look forward to.

Besides, the weather conditions in the UK are relatively less harsh than in Canada. However, the weather alone cannot be a good enough reason to study in UK, right? 

Holding greater importance than the tenure of study programs or weather conditions is the quality of education. Speaking of quality, the reputation that the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and LSE hold speak for themselves. The quality of education in the UK is applauded and celebrated globally. 

Study in UK

So, now that you know why it is gratifying to study in UK. Next, we must shed light on the top universities in the UK. In this blog, we present to you a list of top UK universities featured in global rankings.

Our list of top universities in the UK is as per the Times Higher Education Global Universities Ranking 2024. So, let us get going and explore the United Kingdom. 

Top 10 Universities To Study in UK 

1. University of Oxford  

The University of Oxford is indisputably the best in the United Kingdom. The World University Rankings 2024 is just another validation of its supremacy and legacy. Speaking of global rankings, which university do you think is placed at the first spot in the rankings? 

University of Oxford

Well, it’s neither Harvard University nor Yale University! It is neither Stanford nor MIT! The University of Oxford is at the top of the global rankings by Times Higher Education. Yes, not only is its ranking first in the United Kingdom but it is the best university globally.

Here’s a small Trivia about the University of Oxford! The University is the most ancient university in the native English world. Located in the city of Oxford, the university comprises more than 40 colleges and halls. What is even more impressive is that the university has more than 100 libraries. 

Known for its superlative education, the university offers programs in social sciences, law, engineering, psychology, humanities and so on. The overall experience that students at the University of Oxford obtain is unparalleled and inclusive.
To add, with an international student population of 42 percent, the university offers a homogenous mix of cultures. 

2. University of Cambridge 

Ranked fifth in the global rankings 2024, the University of Cambridge is ranked second in the UK. It is one of the finest public research universities in the world with a legacy of more than 800 years.  Yes, you heard it right! The University of Cambridge is as old as 1209! 

University of Cambridge 

Located in Trinity Lane Cambridge, the university has a homogenous student population representing 120 nationalities. The university is ranked second best in the world for life sciences programs and sixth for business and economics. Besides, it is ranked the third best in the world for clinical and pre-clinical in the world. 
If you plan to study in UK to pursue business or science programs, this university must be on your list!

3. Imperial College London

Yet another popular name in the UK, yet another globally celebrated name! Imperial College London is the top-ranked university in London, the city of dreams. Can there be a better place to study than in the picturesque city of London?  

Imperial College London

Moreover, if you are planning to pursue a computer science program in the UK, this is a perfect choice. Imperial College London ranks high at the global level for computer science programs. What is worth noting is that the majority of students at the institution are international students. To be precise, 62 percent of the student population comes from other parts of the world. 

4. University College London

It is noteworthy that UCL is the first UK university to extend equal education rights to women. Hence, from the purview of modern feminism, UCL holds a special place in history. However, there is a lot more to the university than this historic event.

Standing tall in the heart of London, UCL is the Alma Mater of a plethora of  Nobel Prize winners. Further, UCL offers a broad spectrum of academic programs to domestic and international students.
The most renowned faculties at UCL include physical sciences, life sciences, humanities, brain sciences, engineering and so on. In fact, the university has highly prestigious programs in arts and humanities. 

5. University of Edinburgh   

Moving away from England for a while, the University of Edinburgh, Scotland is ranked 30th in the global rankings. With an international student population of 46 percent, the university offers a multicultural environment.
Moreover, Edinburgh is an iconic city that has preserved the heritage of the UK with a lot of responsibility. 

University of Edinburgh  

Above all, the world-class quality of education at the University of Edinburgh is what we must focus on. Business, economics, arts, life sciences, psychology and law are some of the most reputed programs at the university. 

Lastly, did you know which institution is the Alma Mater of Charles Darwin and Alexander Graham Bell? Well, the University of Edinburgh it is!

6. King’s College London 

King’s College London is 38th in the Global Universities Rankings by Times Higher Education. Are you planning to study in UK to establish a career in healthcare or medicine? You will be fascinated to know that King’s College London is the largest learning centre in Europe for healthcare. 

King’s College London

Besides healthcare, the institution is renowned for its social sciences, physical sciences, psychology and engineering programs. The research environment at King’s College London is highly conducive and tailored to produce excellence.

7. London School of Economics & Political Science

LSE is certainly the fondest dream of students wanting to make a career in economics. Among the best institutions across the world for social sciences, LSE will any day take the top bracket. The most popular courses at LSE include economics, anthropology, politics, law and sociology. 

London School of Economics & Political Science

The student community at the London School of Economics and Political Science represents more than 140 nationalities. Moreover, LSE has strategic collaborations with Columbia University, the University of Cape Town and Peking University.

8. University of Manchester 

With an international student population of 45 percent, the University of Manchester is yet another multicultural university in the UK. It is ranked 51st on the global charts. The university is known for its research excellence and impact on the direction of research. 

University of Manchester 

The University ranks high for programs in life sciences, social sciences, business and engineering. Moreover, the university ranks way higher than other universities across the globe in terms of research quality. Interestingly, the university has produced 25 Nobel Prize Winners over decades of its legacy.

9. University of Bristol

Ranked 81st in the Global Universities Rankings, the University of Bristol is next on the list. Yet another university in the eminent Russel Group, it was the first UK university to sound a climate emergency. Speaking of its research excellence, it is ranked 5th in the UK for research quality.

The University of Bristol is popular for its arts and humanities program. Besides, other academic disciplines include law, education, psychology, business and engineering. 

The university has a student population of around 30000 students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The best part is that international students account for a considerable percentage of this population. 

10. University of Glasgow 

Last on our top 10 list is the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Standing tall and handsome since 1451, the University of Glasgow has centuries-old credibility to flaunt. In fact, in 2023, the university was conferred the Scottish University of the Year honor. 

Given the university’s firm commitment to sustainable development goals, it is among the top 20 universities in QS Sustainability Rankings.

Moreover, it is one of the top universities in the world to study medicine, dentistry, veterinary sciences and pre-clinical programs. The university also offers a wide range of programs across arts, humanities and social sciences. 

To conclude, indeed, the United Kingdom is now being looked at as the go-to study abroad destination. The sentiment is absolutely shifting from Canada to the UK owing to a multitude of reasons.

As a country, the UK has some of the most iconic, ancient and prestigious universities in the world. Of course, the University of Oxford sits at the top of the global rankings. 

If there is anything more you want to know, or any assistance you may need, reach out to us. We, at Silver Fern Education Consultants are always there to empower you and lead you to your dreams. 

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