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Do you plan to study abroad and give your future a sense of security? Each year, lakhs of students from India move abroad for higher education. The hot favorite study abroad destinations for Indian students are Canada, Australia, the USA, the UK and the UAE.

Each year, there is an emphatic surge in the number of Indian students going abroad for higher education. Whether the ambition is to study in Canada or the USA, Indian students foresee better prospects abroad. Amusingly, in 2022, India surpassed China in sending international students to the USA as per a media report

Clearly, the trend of Indian students going abroad for studies is growing manifold. It is correct to say that it will peak at least for another 8 to 10 years if not more! However, there is something you must acknowledge. Parallel to the surge in international students, there is also a surge in countries’ immigration curbs.  

The Changing Dynamics of International Education

More students are now planning for overseas education than ever before. Countries like Canada, the USA and Australia are being stormed by international students every day. This does put added pressure on the countries’ housing, healthcare, employment and other public resources. 

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Henceforth, countries are consistently tweaking and altering their immigration policies. To limit international student influx, nations are adding more screening filters while reviewing visa applications. Canada has already introduced curbs and initiatives to cap international students owing to its growing housing crisis. 

The bottom line is, moving abroad for overseas education is going to be more competitive now. The changing study abroad landscape demands more caution when it comes to university/college and visa applications. To succeed in your study abroad dreams, you need to ensure that you tick all the boxes on the study abroad checklist. 

What is a study abroad checklist? What are the boxes that Indian students going abroad need to tick? To every question in this context, this blog gives effective answers! So, let us get started without further ado! 

Study Abroad Checklist for Indian Students  

We have always made sure that we pass credible and relevant information to students and parents. Having said that, the checklist we present to you here is all-inclusive and segregated into sections. Firstly, we present the document checklist that Indian students going abroad need to comply with while applying to universities abroad. 

Study Abroad Document Checklist

  1. Application Form 

Filing the application form of a specific college or university remains the basic prerequisite. Different institutions have different specifications in terms of prerequisites for international students. Also, different universities and colleges have their own application fee which is nominal in most cases. 

However, in some cases, through portals like Common App, you can apply to multiple universities in one go. However, applying through the Common App can sometimes be tricky. We’ll help you at every step of your overseas university/college applications.

  1. Academic Transcripts

While applying to universities and colleges abroad, academic transcripts are among the most vital documents. Academic transcripts inclusive of your credits and degrees present the entire academic record of your previous education. 

  1. Statement of Purpose

A well written Statement of Purpose can make a stronger case for you to accomplish your study abroad goals. On the contrary, an ineffective Statement of Purpose can rather doom the prospects. To explain, an SOP is an account of your academic background, work experience and career goals. 

An SOP also explains why you are applying for a specific program at a specific institution in a specific country. Every country for that matter has its own set of specific guidelines for SOPs. For instance, writing a SOP for Canada will be a lot different from writing a SOP for Australia. 

In any case, you need not worry about your SOP. Leave it to experts at Silver Fern Education Consultants. 

  1. English Proficiency & Other Tests Scores 

For all major study abroad destinations, you need to meet the English proficiency requirements. Requirements are subject to change from one institution to another or one program to another. The most commonly accepted English proficiency tests include IELTS, PTE, Duolingo and TOEFL.  

In addition to English proficiency tests, you may need to take some other tests as well to meet university requirements. These tests include the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, APs and so on. It may not always be mandatory to take the SAT or ACT but they do add enormous value to your application. 

  1. Letters of Recommendation 

What can add more value to an application than a personal recommendation from a principal, counselor, professor or employer? A letter of recommendation highlighting your qualities, strengths and achievements gives you an edge over other applicants. 

  1. Proof of Funds 

For Indian students going abroad for studies or planning to, it is essential to meet the funding requirements. If you want to study in Canada, you need to meet the GIC requirements and other financial prerequisites. If you want to study in Australia, proof of funds should be consistent with Australia GTE requirements. 

In the usual sense, the proof of funds concerns tuition fees, living expenses and insurance. However, you need not get confused. Leave it to our expert counselors to guide you through a smooth and all-inclusive application process. 

Speak to a Counselor Now! 

Other Documents Include

  • Essays 
  • Passport 
  • Resume or CV 
  • Proof of work experience 
  • Medical examination 

After this checklist comes the second part, your study abroad packing checklist. After you have received the offer letter from your dream university and your visa, then you are all set to fly. The next section presents a comprehensive checklist for Indian students going abroad.

Your Study Abroad Packing List

As you embark on your study abroad journey, don’t let the excitement overwhelm you. Before you board the plane, double check everything to ensure that you are packing all the necessary items. Here’s a quick checklist for you.

  1. Copies of All Your Documents 

Make sure that you are carrying printed copies of all the relevant documents. These include your passport, letter of acceptance, student visa, ID proofs and other documents. At the same time, make sure that you maintain soft copies of all the documents. You can organize all the soft copies on Google Drive so that they are easily accessible. 

  1. Check For Your Flight’s Weight Restrictions 

Different airlines have different specifications for check-in baggage and cabin baggage. Make sure you go through the specifications thoroughly before you start your packing. It will save you the hassle of reducing the weight later or having to pay extra to the airline. 

For Indian students going abroad, it is vital to research the climate of the country/region you are going to. For instance, if you are going to study in Canada, you need to pack more warm jackets brace the cold. Buying clothes after you land may turn out to be an expensive affair and put your budget in a fix.

  1. An Online Calling App 

It may take a while for you to get a local SIM card after you land abroad. However, you would want to remain in constant contact with your family members and your go-to resources. So, the best way out is to download an online calling app before you board the plane. 

Makes great sense right? Wherever there’s wi-fi availability, you can contact your near and dear ones. 

  1. Name Tags on Your Luggage 

This may seem like a very orthodox thing to say but it is absolutely relevant. There may be scenarios wherein your bag may be identical to someone else’s bag. There may be scenarios wherein your luggage gets delayed. Not to scare you, but such unprecedented events do happen at times.

The best way to avert such situations is to put name tags on your luggage. It makes your luggage identifiable in case of confusion. Also, it helps in averting situations where someone else might mistakenly take your luggage. 

  1. Local Currency 

We will not recommend you to carry a lot of cash on you. However, you must carry some nominal amount in the local currency of your destination country. This cash will help you meet the immediate expenses at the airport or after you move out of the airport. 

However, make sure that you keep this cash safely. You can split the amount further into smaller amounts and put them in different places. For instance, you can put some amount in your check-in baggage, some in your handbag and some in your pocket. 

Some Additional Tips for Indian Students Going Abroad

  1. Carry a physical map of the city you are going to 
  2. Keep your visa, passport and letter of acceptance handy 
  3. Keep a warm jacket/blazer handy with you 
  4. Carry an umbrella in your check-in baggage 
  5. Keep a hand sanitizer, toiletries and first aid items (in the check-in baggage) 
  6. Keep a travel pillow 
  7. Keep a good book to read on the go 

At Silver Fern Education Consultants we provide end to end services to students planning overseas education. From shortlisting of universities to your SOP and applications, we’ll do it all for you. Moreover, our pre departure briefing and post landing services will add more awareness and ease to your journey. 

We our sure this study abroad guide was of great help! Wishing you all the very best for your journey. 

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