Studying Abroad Simplified

Who We Are?

At Silver Fern Education Consultants, each day, we upscale our pursuit of providing professional and personalized education counseling. Besides, we extend trustworthy overseas admission support spanning the entire journey of an overseas aspirant. Founded in 2009, we are the trademark of credibility for students aspiring for qualitative global education.

We are a government-registered overseas education consultancy with offices across India and even abroad. Headquartered in Chandigarh, we have our corporate office in Mumbai. We proudly represent 450+ global academic institutions across Canada, Australia, UK, USA, New Zealand, Dubai and Ireland.

Our proficient counselors cater to every student with the utmost professionalism, reliability and personalization. From guiding students in choosing suitable study abroad programs to pre-departure and post-landing services, our counselors mentor students comprehensively. Thus far, our expert teams have facilitated more than 21000 study abroad dreams.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower every student to become a global leader. This vision is vividly evident in how each counselor of ours guides and mentors their students. We realize and reinforce this vision every day and feel responsible for providing meaningful direction to each student. The empowerment that we envisage for our students is centered around holistic development while embracing personalization. Our vision further transcends the idea of helping students realize their most successful versions and make an early start. We are committed to making our students’ journey worthwhile via end-to-end services.

We aim to build new collaborations with universities and colleges worldwide to translate our efforts into successful career trajectories for clients. Every opportunity to evolve and diversity is of utmost importance to us in the best interests of our students. Through strategic partnerships, meaningful events, penetrating more nations and diversifying services, we wish to constantly enhance our capabilities. All in all, we aim to keep adding versatility to how we can maximize our students’ benefits.


Overseas Education Consultants Empowering Students To Become Global Leaders


Our Mission

With enormous experience in the industry, our mission is to make credible information on quality education accessible to all. We are striving to create a more connected and inclusive world of opportunities for students with exceptional dreams. At the foundation of this world will be expert knowledge that can guide students to informed choices. We want to ensure with utmost responsibility that each student feels empowered to choose what is best suited to them.

With our knowledge and expertise, we want to streamline the thought process that students invest in academic and career decisions. The long-term objective is to redefine industry standards with exemplary effectiveness, credibility and accountability. In the future we foresee, we look forward to massive increments in the number of students we successfully cater to each year. To make that feasible, it is vital that we brainstorm new partnerships, new avenues for students and perpetual upskilling of our counselors.

Our History

Our Inception

If we reflect on our inception in 2009, it was synonymous with humble beginnings. However, these humble beginnings were fuelled by a constant zeal to upskill and upscale. We started with a team of two highly motivated individuals with a vision to make a difference. Further, with a small office in Chandigarh, we only catered to New Zealand as a study destination initially.

From the very beginning, our vision was crystal clear; to empower students to become global leaders. This vision has been our greatest inspiration and has facilitated a formidable journey of benefiting more students each year. In the process of empowering students through avenues of holistic development, we have expanded graciously. It’s been an incredible saga wherein we have measured our success in terms of our students’s success


Our Expansion

Over the years we have diversified as an organization in terms of the study destinations we carter to. We now counsel and support students for all the major English speaking study destinations of the world. In the best interest of our students, we made sure that we undertook strategic diversification in our portfolio. From New Zealand, our counseling services have now expanded to Canada, Australia, Dubai, Ireland, UK and USA.

The second dimension of our expansion can be viewed in terms of our presence across India and abroad. Having begun our journey from Chandigarh, over the last 15 years, we have built a consolidated global presence. Over the years, we added our Sangrur office followed by Mumbai, Patiala, Ludhiana, Amritsar and Vadodara offices. Going ahead we then expanded internationally with our Canada and Australia offices. The latest addition to our list of offices is the Delhi office. With a widespread presence across the country and beyond, we aim to empower students from all backgrounds.

Moreover, another aspect of our expansion lies in the exponential growth in our team size. From a small team of three to five people, we have gone on to build a huge team of highly motivated individuals. We are now a family of 120-plus employees coming from diverse backgrounds to function as a cohesive team. Each of these individuals is not only highly professional but also realises their responsibilities towards students’ success.

Lastly, we view our expansion in the number of students we have successfully empowered through knowledge and guidance each year. From 2009 till date, our expertise and genuineness continue to attract students from all walks of life. Over 1.5 decades of commitment, we have successfully assisted 21000 plus students to accomplish their study abroad dreams. The annual increase each year in the number of students being catered to has been quite exponential. Having successfully delivered on students’ trust in us, we have attained the reputation of being a leading overseas education consultancy.


Executive Leadership

Behind every successful company is an exceptional group of people leading the team. Meet the executive leadership team moving our company forward.


Mr. Almasto Kapoor

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As a dynamic and foresighted leader, Mr. Almasto Kapoor is the CEO of Silver Fern Education Consultants. Silver Fern’s success is fundamentally based on his unwavering dedication, his guile and his perseverance. Besides, most importantly, his spirit to take on a challenge, big or small. His mentorship has guided our organization towards prestigious laurels and his contributions go beyond his industry expertise or his business acumen.

As an innovator and an enterprising individual, Almasto founded Silver Fern Education Consultants over a decade ago. He ensured that students received the best advice and services to study overseas. With over 12 years of experience in tertiary education, Almasto has since been recognized for his multi-dimensional expertise. It includes collaborating with universities, presenting prospective students with optimised counseling and discovering unique ways of taking Silver Fern forward.


Mr. Shivam Garg

Partner & Chief Operating Officer

In 2014, Shivam embraced the role of Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Silver Fern Education Consultants. Since then, he has diligently channeled his passion and expertise to advance the organization’s mission. It is his personalized counseling sessions with students and parents that truly underscore his commitment to fostering success.

Shivam is known for his pragmatic decision-making, honed by an unwavering work ethic and purposeful zeal. Hence, he has played a pivotal role in steering countless students toward their educational aspirations. His innate desire to work and an unyielding drive for accomplishment serve as the driving force that motivates him. The organization under Shivam's astute leadership, has emerged as a beacon of ethical workmanship and unwavering commitment to students’ future.

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