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Summer & Winter Schools

Summer & Winter Schools

A Summer or Winter School is a form of education provided by universities and colleges during summer or winter breaks, with courses usually lasting one to eight weeks.

Students engage in full-time intensive classes related to a chosen subject and have the option to attend extracurricular activities designed to encourage socialization and stimulate cultural awareness.

Summer and Winter School programs help students to avail opportunities such as:

  • Keeping student's minds active over academic breaks to avoid a "brain dump" that can occur when a child leaves school
  • Building confidence and developing a positive attitude
  • Allowing youth to explore new interests and courses apart from their school curriculums
  • Helping develop new and diverse skill sets and personality traits
  • Meeting new people and making friendships and associations which may last for years
  • Exposure to foreign countries, cities, institutes, cultures and lifestyles which can go a long way in making decisions about studying and working overseas in the future